Compare: Us vs. a Realtor

Compare: Us vs. a Realtor

No Commission

Selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions and moves that you will ever make. When you are going to sell your home, there are a number of ways that you can go about it. While many people will choose to hire a traditional realtor and go through an open sales process, this is not always the best decision as it can be expensive and could take a long time. For many, a better option would be to sell your home directly to Sell My House Fast Columbus. One of the main benefits of a Columbus cash home buyer is that you will not have to pay any real estate commissions. As real estate agents will almost always take a combined fee of 5%–10%, you could save a lot of money by selling directly and avoiding this fee.

All Cash Offer

Another benefit of selling to Sell My House Fast Columbus is that you can receive an all-cash offer. Even if you sell your home through a standard selling process, you will still be risking the buyer being denied financing. This could be a very frustrating situation as the buyer may not find out until shortly before their closing date. If you choose to sell your home to Sell My House Fast Columbus, you will receive an all-cash offer. This takes away the risk of not closing due to financing challenges.

No Repairs Needed

One of the challenges that people may have to deal with when trying to sell their home is having to make last-minute repairs. When you sell your home to Sell My House Fast Columbus, the company will always purchase properties in as-is condition. While they may want to complete an inspection, you will not be asked to make repairs or provide a repair credit at the close of the sale.

Sell Your House Fast

If you are looking to sell your home, you likely will want to do so quickly. Unfortunately, a traditional selling process can easily take months to complete, even in a seller’s market. This can also be a frustrating and stressful time as you will need to keep your home spotless and be accommodating for any showings or open houses. If you decide that you want to sell your home quickly, Sell My House Fast Columbus is a great company to sell to. They are often able to make an all-cash offer within a couple days of seeing your home and have the ability to close in a matter of weeks.

Selling your home is a big process and decision. When you are looking to sell your property, it would be beneficial to call the team with Sell My House Fast Columbus. When you sell to our Columbus cash home buyers, you can save a lot of money, close quickly, and avoid many of the hassles that come with a normal selling process with a realtor.

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